When love for nature becomes something beautiful in your interior. That’s exactly what Hugo Sjak-Shie does with his artistry Paluarte. Paluarte means the art of wood and when you see the items he makes, you’ll understand fully the beauty of his art.

The most genuine thing of this art is that he uses wood of our local trees. But why did he start to use these trees for his products?

‘I consider human beings part of nature and it’s very important for us to integrate into the nature. The artistry of our local wood is my way to integrate in our nature and to better my relationship with nature. I also believe that human beings will live better if they’re one with nature’.

So beautiful said. Showing us the importance of caring for our nature and with his artistry he would like to make people aware of not caring for our nature can have serious effects on our lives and he would like for people to be more interested in our nature. But what does he show by using the wood of the trees?

‘I also use the artistry as a gratitude to the trees, that are giving us oxygen and shadow for ages. I give the tree a second life by making these items with it.'

But besides the reason to reconnect with nature, what are the other reasons that Hugo started with Paluarte? He’s been working with wood for many years. He made wooden tables for his friends in his college years, when he was studying in the Netherlands. But his love started because he grew up being a lot in nature, walking in the forest etc. He loved being one with nature since he was a small child. And in his younger years he mainly made beds, cabinets, dressers etc. But in the past 5-6 years, he chose to go more into the creative, artistic direction. Nowadays making something he thinks more about the artistic part of it then the material function.

‘Creativity is the greatest thing what mankind can have and show. When you’re being creative, you’re actually showing something that God has given to you. Because God created all and when you’re being creative it feels like you’re part of the universe. It’s very important to create something and find yourself useful as a human being.'

This work is for him like a kind of addiction, in a good way ofcourse. It gives him a moment of meditation when he’s working on these beautiful items and lets him be one with the tree.

He looks for parts of the trees that display its uniqueness , not just the ordinary.

At the event his items will be shown in different ways to use in your own interior. You can’t miss that.

For more information about Paluarte, please click below.

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