When a husband and wife join forces and bring you their own custom made design furniture you can only imagine the magic they'll make together. That is exactly what Matteo and Christy did.

One with the background of design and the other with the background in communication and photography, they are presenting something very unique on the island.

The name has a beautiful story behind it. ISOLA means island in Italian and everything started for them on this island. They met, they got married and eventually started a family on this island called Curacao. They wanted a name that referenced back to the island, but has its Italian roots as Mateo is Italian.

Very simple but very catchy: ISOLA (Island) Design.

But why did they start this business together?

'Well, Matteo has actually a PhD in bio physics, but he always had a love for making or creating furniture. He was always creating something. As a scientist he was engineering bacteria and DNA structures. Because his father was an architect, he grew up with a drawing table always around . He at one time designed yachts. He's a maker. So he wanted to do start something again as being a scientist on the island can be a bit tricky.

He decided then to be bold and bought and imported the machine that is needed to cut these furniture. He assembled the machine on his own with the help of the Chinese supplier. He's a real designer in the broadest sense possible'.

Christy is the PR for the company to bring their uniqueness to light for others to see.

And everything is possible, from furniture to boats. The machine they use is equipped to do that all and even more. So a custom made item it's the way the go at Isola Design Atelier.

For more information about Isola Design Atelier, please click below:

Website | Facebook | Instagram | +5999 521 3464

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