Concrete Love: Jedidjah's Inspirations

Working with a material like concrete and to make small, in detail products, is asking a lot of patience and focus. And that is actually what Hannah-Lize Elizabeth has. Beside the creativity that bursts within her to come up with new products every time, she's also very dedicated to bring each product line an uniqueness with it.

Inspiration is what HannaH-Lize wants to spread with her work and products that she makes. She started first by making cards and revamping small furniture. It didn't really take off. While exploring more on the creativity field, she stumbled upon the work of concrete. That is something she evolved as a true craft and this was something that really works for her.

But where does the name Jedidjah's Inspirations comes from? "Well, it's my middle name and I really love it because it has something very unique with it. You won't hear that name easily from someone else. With every product I produce I would like to send a positive message with it and that's the inspirations part of the name."

In the near future, she would like to have her own concrete love shop and expanding her product line with concrete tables and even concrete kitchen top.

But before that, her products will be shining at the Interior Design & Decor Curacao POP-UP Shop from May 31st - June 10th. She'll be adding some new limited edition pieces also. So you can't miss out.

For more information about Jedidjah's Inspirations, please click below:


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