When nature is your source of inspiration, great things are possible. MiLampi means My Lamp and Madelein gives you a very unique one to treasure in your home.

Madelein sees MiLampi as a passion that has gotten out of hand. How beautiful is that when you explore nature and see the beauty within to create something useful from it?! That is exactly what she did by using the fruit of the calabash tree here on the island.

What is the reason behind using the fruit?

“I think it’s great to work with a natural product. Every calabash fruit is different in terms of shape, size or color. Not one calabash fruit is perfectly equally smooth and that makes it even more beautiful to me’.

The drying process can take up to two months and during this time the pulp of the fruit pull out making then spots on the outside part of the calabash fruit. The shape of the fruit also helps her decide what kind of design she’s going to drill into the shell. It’s always an exciting challenge for her to try out all kind of different designs.

But where does she get her inspiration from?

‘I get my inspiration from the environment, palm trees, dolphins, the underwater world, flamingos. In addition of those, I’m also a big fan of oriental/Arabic lamps and their designs. That is also a great source of inspiration for me.”

The fun thing about this is that any design is possible for her to make. Think about a lamp with your name or a date of birth shining in your room. Any fairytale theme is possible too. How about Tinkerbell lighting up your room (after waiting for Peter Pan ;) ) or a nature themed lamp like for example one with turtles on it.

Another special piece of the lamp is the lamp base (for the table lamps). Madelein looks for wood in the Mondi (forest). This makes it even more interesting as none of those wood pieces are the same.

So come and see the unique calabash lamps at the pop-up shop event.

For more information about MiLampi, please click the links below:

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