You enter a magical garden when you visit Evelien at her home and atelier. You are surrounded by nature and art pieces and beautiful relaxing sound of the wind.

Evelien is an artist who uses her hands for the greatest

But why did she start to do business with her art?

‘Because I’m an artist, it’s a solitary profession. Here on Curacao there are not much situations where an artist is hired, at most that you get an assignment. As I also want to be free in what I make, it was an obvious decision to work independently’.

That is of course the beauty of her pieces; every single piece is unique.

She loves to combine different materials. But what is the beauty of using those materials and why?

‘I like natural materials because their texture appeals to me much more than artificial materials. Combining different materials give me a lot of possibilities to make work with moving parts (like jewelry) and show that natural character”.

For the IDDC pop-up shop event, she chooses to use products that are almost all made of clay. That is the most obvious material for making dishware (crockery). Why you may ask?

‘Because it’s practical but it also offers many possibilities in design, decoration and finishing. Apart from that, materials from the nature of the island often offer opportunities for processing them in such a way that they can be used on the table as well.'

We are so excited to see the pieces at the pop-up event at the end of the month.

For more information about Evelien Sipkes, please click the links below:


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