When an architect takes his passion for creating to another level and turns into a business. That is what Aldemar Lourens did.

He was introduced by a loved one to work with the fruit of the calabash tree. She focused on making candlelight lamps with the fruit of the calabash tree, which was something very beautiful to see, but because of the windy seasons on the island of Curacao he began to change the concept of the lamp into an electric lamp made of the fruit.

But why keep working with the fruit?

”I saw the importance of making our own product with elements of our own island. Making a product by our local people for our local people. Not selling solely the product, but selling our culture also to the people.”

He expanded his use of elements to the stones on the island like the corals. It would then be a 100% product of the island. He didn’t have the intention to start a business. It was always a hobby, a moment of pleasure to work on the lamps. But it turned into a business when people started to buy the lamps (and jewelry).

He also expanded to another great product. With part of his roots and working experience in Venezuela he managed to work with a factory in Venezuela to produce his own design of hammocks. The hammocks are very well received on the island of Curacao, as they are from very sturdy and good quality materials.

Where does he see his concept within a year?

“I would like to teach the younger generation how to work with this fruit in the same way I was taught to work with it. The younger generation would come up with even more creative ways to use this fruit in a practical way. We need to understand that everything on the island, on every block or nook, is something we can turn into a profitable income business and I would love to see more of that in the coming years.”

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